CASHMERE, or kashmir, is a very rare and precious textile fibre, formed from the undercoat of the hircus goat originally from Kashmir.

The coat of the animal is distinguished in two layers of hair; aoutermost coat formed by large coarse hairs, stiff and rough, calljars; and a undercoat, a down of the undercoat (under the throat) soft and woolly calledduvet. The particular climatic conditions of these areas with the sharp changes in temperature between day and night, favor the development of the DUVET, which has the exceptional feature of thermo-regulating the animal's body, protecting it from both low and high temperatures.

In spring during the moulting season, the fur is hand-picked viacombing with long combs, thereforethe goats are not traumatized. The two fibers separate and it is used only in duvet. For each kid you get about 200 g. of fine pile of which only half is used. The color is very variable: from cream to grey, from hazelnut to black.


To make our garments we use only top quality CASHMERE, the Duvet coming from desert and steppe areas of the highlands of China, Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan worked with artisan care.

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