Coperte in puro Cashmere Made in Italy: perché preferirle a quelle sintetiche

Blankets in pure Cashmere Made in Italy: why prefer them to synthetic ones

Since ancient times, the cashmere blanket has always been synonymous with beauty, warmth, tradition , but above all with family ; it is no coincidence that all the most valuable quilts are those that are handed down from generation to generation since they are pure cashmere blankets Made in Italy.

It is easy to understand why they remain best blankets , since they are always soft and warm , having been made with one of the finest textile fibers made up of the hair of the hircus goat.

Often they also have unique decorations and patterns , both classic and elegant, with warm and cold or soft and delicate colors.

Therefore, a cashmere blanket is perfect for use in any type of bedroom, from the master bedroom to the children's bedroom.

Cashmere blankets: why it's worth choosing them


Thanks to the particularity of his warmth and its softness , a cashmere blanket has no rival in terms of comfort and warmth, this is because it is a breathable fiber that allows you to always keep the body temperature constant.

Furthermore, this type of quilt envelops and protects, always allowing you to feel safe and pampered like children.

Today, those who decide to give or buy blankets in pure cashmere made in Italy will always have to choose to devote the utmost care to the quality of their sleep.

Cashmere double blanket: how to keep it

The cashmere double blanket is the one that remains soft over time , but only if the due precautions and attention are implemented; before putting it away when the season changes, you can take it to the laundry.

Otherwise, we can also decide to wash it with a specific delicate cycle for cashmere or with washing that simulates hand washing, using water at a temperature of 30 degrees

It always goes spread away from direct sunlight and must always be kept in its case perhaps with a scented bag that is anti-moth.

What is cashmere blanket made of

As stated, cashmere blanket is made from the hair of the hircus goat whether it is colored or not.

Most of all the blankets of this refined textile fiber deriving from an animal, is composed of some fundamental proteins:; Among these, two main ones stand out:

1. Fibrous proteins – are all those found in the subgroup of keratins , characterized by a high sulfur content. Keratin is a large chain of amino acids and it is one of them, cystine that defines many of the characteristics of this fiber;

2. Globular proteins - are those that affect the enzymes of the cell and are usually attached to membranous structures found within the cell, in direct contact with all other substances in the intracellular fluid.
These textile fibers they have no constant chemical structure and vary according to race, age and other characteristics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cashmere blankets

When buying a cashmere blanket, it is possible to see what are the benefits and some disadvantages that must always be taken into consideration.

Among the advantages are:

1. Biodegradable and eco-friendly;
2. It resists traction, it can be stretched without breaking it;
3. Moisture wicking, breathable, soft and silky;
4. Maintains constant body temperature;
5. Works as a thermal insulator.

Among the disadvantages is the high cost of these quilts, however, justified by the quality of this precious fiber.

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