Although cashmere does not get dirty easily and rarely absorbs various odors, it still needs to be washed, but being delicate, the less you wash it, the better.

Hand washing : Cashmere should be washed in cold water . To limit felting it is important that the washing and rinsing temperatures are the same, it is very important to use a neutral detergent. Compared to wool, it has the advantage of not needing a softener , because it becomes softer and softer with washing.

Machine wash : If you need to wash a scarf or stole or plaid, put them in a specific washing bag and use a specific detergent for wool. Select the cold wool program and spin as little as possible at no more than 600 rpm.

Drying : Wring out without twisting the garment, but rolling it up in a terry towel and then absorb the remaining water with another dry towel. Lay the garment out on a surface away from heat sources. Never use the dryer.

Ironing : If you need to iron the garment, do not use an iron that is too hot, possibly use a lot of steam to revive the fibers by passing the iron over the garment without pressing.

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