Themade in Biellahas always been synonymous with onehigh profile production and excellent workmanship, withan excellent quality / price ratio
Our strengths are precisely these: the quality of the product, the adaptability of the production, the craftsmanship of many processes and finishes, the entrepreneurial seriousness

All this working well is undoubtedly the result of the Biellese character, perhaps a little closed, but determined in wanting to do things well

Until the last century weaving was done in every home in the Biella area and the work of the various families was able to satisfy the demand, which was essentially a production for domestic use.
Thisvocation for weavingit did not disappear with industrial development, but rather evolved technically without diminishing its quality, taste, the preciousness of limited productions.

Today, Biella is themost qualified wool pole in the world: the yarns made here represent thetop of textile production

In our factories we work above allfine fibersWhichcashmere,alpaca,cameland othersnoble fibersselected in the countries of the world that produce them.

Biella is considered theworld capital of fine textilesand can boast names and brands well known to the jet-setters of every continent.

Cashmerewool offers you the opportunity to buy iproducts of this ancient artdirectly online, without intermediaries eat factory cost, with an excellent quality/price ratio

Do you know what raising with vegetable thistles is?

It's about afabric finishing techniquewhich consists in raising the fibers of the threads to make the fabric soft, fluffy and velvety.
During this important phase, our laboratories usenatural thistlesinstead of metal brushes to get onemore delicate workmanship, do not break the fiber and keep its properties intact.
This ancient and rare process enhances many unique characteristics of pure cashmere by offering afinal product with a uniform, compact, soft and precious pile that lasts over time

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